Announcing Shalanaya Festival 2018

夏来纳亚回来了!又一场为好音乐,好艺术,宇宙能量而疯狂的探险之旅即将开始。 中秋节九月21号到24号,朋友,不问出处,来和我们一起在上海的郊外一片神秘的自然能量场里开一场4天的节日庆祝生命。 We are super excited to let you know that Shalanaya is back again for another mind-blowing adventure of music, art, and good vibes! From September 21–24 2018, on the Mid-Autumn holidays, we will gather once again under the full moon to celebrate life with great music, art, workshops, Read more…

By hydrandt, ago
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